Happy to transport your horse to wherever you need to go, be it your horses new home, a day at a show or a trip to the vets.

I am fully insured, DEFRA registered and hold City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Transport of Horses by Road Certificate.

Loading Help

Do you have problems loading your horse? Do you miss out on shows, fun rides and other events and opportunities because you're horse won't load? 

If so, I can help you get over this. I have infinite patience with which to persuade  your horse or pony that it really isn't that scary. I refuse to beat your horse up the ramp but chose instead to help you change his or her mind that they really don't mind going on the bus after all.

Terms and Conditions

It is assumed that any horse being transported has a valid passport and the owner is fully responsible for supplying the passport should it be requested by any authority.

Horses unfit for travelling will only be transported under a vets authorisation.

It is recommended that horses wear travel boots during loading, transportation and unloading. I have spare boots for anyone who wishes to borrow them and no responsibility will be taken for any leg injuries occurring during transportation without the use of travel boots.